Hey here we are !

First of all , am really glad you came by to visit us .

Am Sandra 37, of course am a mother ... I had many different experiences with kids outside and most of them uncomfortable...

That’s why after trying to find out how to deal with breastfeeding in public problems and judgements, after trying to understand why as a mother, I never find a place where to care my baby when am out , and families are most of the time not welcome because of noise, strollers or any kind of toddler stuffs. I decide proudly to make the move myself .

It took me years to understand the reasons of why things are not happening , as it took me months to finish what was the best thing I can do for parents as I see it , wasn’t easy at all, and the battle isn’t done, but the start feels great and positive.

Motheryourlife provide for any kind of event a care corner where to be in peace with baby when he need it . Worldwide!

I think we deserve it in almost 2020 as parents whom are doing our best for our kids and trying to still enjoy going places , we deserve to be in peace when it comes to think about « oh my god , where will I nurse or feed »

So here we are again , motheryourlife can change the thing and am thankful for it .

Hope to hear from you soon !